Payment Technology

Our world is changing. The rapid development of new payment technologies now enable you to pay with your mobile phone and wearable devices. But the more things change, one thing will remain the same, Visa will still offer you the same high level of security on all new methods of payment as we do on your Visa card.

Payment technology for every lifestyle
Who takes a wallet running? But a wearable device lets you buy a coffee or a cool drink at the end of your run. payWave on your mobile lets you pay for lunch even if you’ve forgotten your wallet. And Visa Checkout means you don’t have to fill in all your card details every time you buy something online.

Safe and Secure

Whether we’re working together with phone manufacturers or technology companies, or developing new products ourselves like Visa Checkout, you can be assured that payments will be convenient, reliable and most importantly secure.

Visa payWave for mobile
Visa payWave for Mobile allows you to make payments using your compatible smartphone. Simply tap your phone on any terminal that accepts contactless payments, just like you do with your Visa payWave enabled Debit or Credit card.

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Wearables have been designed especially for active use. These waterproof wearable pay bands feature Visa payWave technology and can be linked to any existing account.

Visa Checkout
Visa Checkout is the new, easier way to pay online. Once you’ve signed up, you can forget about long forms, ticking boxes and make safe and secure payments in just a few clicks. It’s the simpler more convenient way to pay online.

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